Mr. Franco recently finished his work in the feature film, Glenn’s Gotta Go. He played the title role of Glenn and his wife was played by Ruth Buzzi. Directed by Levie Isaacks, written and produced by Brad Maule. The release is scheduled for February 2019. Independent films have kept him busy for the past few years.

Mr. Franco has worked on stage with Mary Crosby and Judd Nelson at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in a production of The Seagull.

He started acting in 1982 in Santa Barbara, CA but finished his studies at the Los Angeles Theatre Academy. He apprenticed at the Los Angeles Theatre Center where he worked and learned by watching a great pool of talent on stage. Actors like Deirdre O’Connell (Stars in the Morning Sky) and Philip Baker Hall (The Inspector General). He was able to participate in some memorable productions, the most interesting being a Glasnost production with Russian playwright Alexander Galin and his play Stars in the Morning Sky, The Inspector General directed by Stein Winge, director of the National Theatre of Norway, and The Seagull directed by Charles Marowitz. Presently Mr. Franco studies with Richard Robichaux in Austin, TX. 

During a break from acting, Mr. Franco became an award-winning western saddlemaker and participated in a National Endowment of the Arts project for saddlery that took him to Hawaii.

His favorite spectator sport is Polo. Now with Chukker TV, watching polo has gotten a lot easier but he still likes to go out to the playing fields and watch game off the tailgate of his pick-up. He enjoys cycling and has participated in a 500-mile bike ride to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. Cooking, watching classic movies, and going to the gun club are among his interests.

After two floods and a tree falling on the house Alec finally has time to actively pursue his passion for storytelling. He is writing and directing as well as acting in stories that he and those close to him created. The completion of his short, Défense De Passer now ready to submit to film festivals, demonstrates his passion for the dramatic narrative and the exploration of other cultures. The film is set in Cajun America, only French is spoken.






Polar Vortex Agent James Thomas
Pink Thing Fred Ryan Eslinger
Pugilistic Soul Ike Mike Noel
Do No Harm James Chris Hartwell
Outlaws of Mendocino Fred Striker Ryan Quinn Adams, Ryan McGrady
Défense De Passer Sheriff Zachary Bordelon Alec Franco
In Tow Truck Driver Sharon Arteaga
Wonder London Skip Beautiful Lies Entertainment
Hierarchy Sully Russel Reed
Missing Cart Mr. Akers Cameron Raser
Schism (Short) Lead George Chuang
Sacramental Seal (Short) Lead Cameron Sonsini
Jook Joint Blues (Short) Principal Lorie Mitchell
Drone (Short) Supporting Director, Wojciech Lorenc
Glenn’s Gotta Go Lead Director, Levie Isaacks
Shotgun Honey Principal Director, Jennifer Fox
Black Moth Supporting Al Houston Feature Film
Mack Supporting B&B Productions


Fly In The Windshield Rickie "Hooch" Dunbar MATCH Theatre
Before The Fire Pastor Stewart Fade To Black Festival, MATCH
The Women Order Lucien Cutrere Theatre S. W., Houston
Mojave Juan Odyssey Theatre, L.A., CA
Stars In The Morning Sky Nikolai LA Theatre Center, L.A. CA
The Inspector General Dobochinski LA Theatre Center, L.A. CA
The Seagull Yakov LA Theatre Center, L.A. CA
Cinders The Director El Camino Theatre, L.A. CA
The Seagull Trigorin El Camino Theatre, L.A. CA
Holy Ghosts Orin Hart El Camino Theatre, L.A. CA


Richard Robichaux Acting Class/Coaching
Sara Gaston Acting Class/Coaching
David Rainey Acting Class
Will Wallace Acting Co. Acting workshops
Santa Barbara City College AA Degree Theatre Arts
Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy Certificate of Completion


Swimming: pools, ocean, rivers.
Bicyling: Touring bike.
Cooking: knife work, flambé
Dialects: French, Russian, Spanish, Cajun.
Firearms: CHL small arms semiautomatic and revolver, Shotgun (Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays)
Ridding Horse: Western, Pleasure, Gathering, Penn work, Trail drive.
Leatherwork: Award winning saddlemaker of wester saddles